Red Tent Adar - A New Moon Event for All Women

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Facilitated by Na'amah Segal Karas

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Event begins at 5:00 PM Promptly. Doors close at 5:15 PM. Masks and Social Distancing Required.

Rosh Chodesh means New Month in Hebrew. It is the period of the new moon where things end and things begin. The Red Tent is a ceremony to mark that time. This event is a unique Jewish experience for  women. It is intended to be a sensory experience for women to connect to themselves, divinity, and to others.


The purpose of this event is to offer all women a sacred time and sacred space to simply be. We work hard everyday, are living through a pandemic, and have little time to recalibrate and breathe. This ceremony is for every woman who is overwhelmed, exhausted, seeking spiritual fulfillment, needing energetic replenishment, seeking connection, friendship, and sisterhood. No matter your age, race, gender expression, sexuality, economic background, ability, or Jewish identity, this space is for you.  

What to Expect

We will be in the sanctuary. You can expect a warm, welcoming, intimate space with zero judgment. There will be candlelight, flowers, and soft scent. There will be water available for those who need it. We will be seated on the floor and chairs will be made available for anyone with mobility concerns. We will share our names, our stories, where we are in the moment including how we are feeling physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and beyond. We will light a candle to represent our own inner spark. We will have time to connect and then we will participate in mind-body-heart experiences that teach us about the Rosh Chodesh theme for the month. It can include poetry, meditation, women's ritual, partner activities, songs, drumming, and more.

What Do I Bring? Wear? Do?

We encourage you to prepare for the event as you would for any special occasion. Take some time to prepare yourself for a loving connective experience. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Bring a comfortable pillow to sit on, or a blanket to wrap up in, and if you do, consider soft fabrics that make you feel good and safe. You are encouraged to bring a pen and journal, if it speaks to you. You are welcome to bring special items to help decorate our collective space such as flowers, art, crystals, instruments, fabrics, etc. We ask that you bring, if you are able, a special token to honor an ancestor of yours. If you have any question at all, please do not hesitate. Please contact Na'amah at the office - 616-459-5976 or email.  

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