Na’amah Segal Karas


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Jennifer Stanton


Phil Pletcher

Temple Director    Head of Facilities   Financial Administrator   Accompanist
Na’amah Segal Karas is a Jewish gender-fluid woman who tells it like it is, with a loving heart, and a nerdy flare. They have over 20 + years group facilitation and leadership skills in spiritual and religious environments. They are a former special education teacher, have 10+ years in the corporate world of telecommunications, and have a Bachelor’s degree in History of Gender, Power, and Religion.
They are a certified advanced life coach, diversity and inclusion management coach, communication coach, and Rising Kohenet under the leadership of Rabbi Jill Hammer and Rav Kohenet Taya Shere. They have professional background in Jewish spaces for the last fifteen (15) years and love making organizational systems run smarter, not harder. They challenge the status quo, question what has always been, and seek to embrace a future that is co-created by all people, for all people. Their work centers on the LGBTQ community, gender identity issues, supporting Black and brown communities, and giving voice to the voiceless. They live in Grand Rapids, have three sons, live a (mostly) observant Jewish life.