Shabbat Services


March Service Schedule:

Friday March 4 – Shabbat Service at 6:00 PM.

  • Installation of Cantor David Fair


      Friday, March 11 – Family Shabbat Service at 6:00 PM.

      • Mishkan Tefillah for Youth Prayer Book
      • Birthday and Anniversary Blessings


      Saturday, March 12  – Shabbat Morning Service at 10:00 AM 

      • Torah will be read


      Friday, March 18 – Shabbat Service at 6:00 PM


      • Service will be led by Cantor David Fair and Mary Kaneti

      Friday, March 25 – Shabbat Service at 6:00 PM


      • Service will be led by Rabbi Emeritus Al Lewis and  Cantor David Fair



      COVID-19 Update: 

      The Temple Emanuel Board of Trustees voted on Thursday, March 10, 2022 to lift the mask requirement for entry into our building. Those wishing to wear a mask are most welcome to continue to do so.  We request that anyone who is not feeling well please refrain from entering our building so that we can safeguard the well-being of our entire congregation and community.

      Worship is a central part of community life at Temple Emanuel. Our services are lively, musical, and engaging.

      Friday Night Services

      Temple Emanuel holds Shabbat evening services every Friday night at 6:00 p.m. Shabbat evening services times may vary due to special events or holidays, check the Temple Calendar for service times.

      What to expect during the service

      • Most services are held in our sanctuary, however, services are sometimes held outdoors in the Padnos Family Courtyard when weather permits.
      • We use the prayer book, Mishkan T’filah, which are available as you walk into the sanctuary. Some of our service is in Hebrew.  All prayers are transliterated and translated in our prayer books.
      • If we are having a family service that uses our family prayer books, they will be available as you enter the sanctuary.
      • Kippah, for men and women, are available for use during services.  Wearing a kippah is a personal choice, and is not required to participate in services.
      • Services last about an hour and involve songs, prayers, and poetry.  There is the occasional standing as well.
      • Our rabbi is fantastic at letting people know about the parts of the service, when to stand, and what page we are on!
      • We have coloring trays and crayons for kids.

      Oneg Shabbat following Friday night services

      Oneg Shabbat is a social hour that is immediately after services. We say the blessings over wine (kiddush) and the bread (hamotzi) and then we snack on various treats hosted by congregants. Would you like to sponsor? It’s a high honor. Please click here to Sponsor an Oneg!


      Havdalah services, which celebrate the end of Shabbat (Saturday nights), are held occasionally, usually in conjunction with a holiday, festival or a B’nei Mitzvah.

      Healing & Yizkor Services

      Periodically, we hold healing services, often in conjunction with holidays and festivals.