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Survey - Red Tent Adar I

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We Need Your Feedback to Continue Red Tent

This Survey Will Remain Private. Anything you disclose in this survey will not be shared with the public or the board at-large. This information is private to Temple leadership only. Please share your honest feedback and any suggestions you can think of.
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Please Rate Your Experience

Ratings are 1 = Poor, 2 = Not Great, 3 = Neutral, 4 = Pretty Good, 5 = Great
1.) Was This Your First Red Tent Experience?*
2.) Was It Easy to Park, Enter, Find the Event?*
4.) How would you rate the Red Tent atmosphere?*
This includes appearance, seating, room temp, comfort, scent, etc.
5.) How would you rate the communication from Temple Emanuel about the Red Tent event?*
6.) How would you rate the pace of the event?*
7.) How would you rate the content of the event?*
The discussion of what is Red Tent, rules, boundaries, the sharing, the subject of Adar, the exercises, breaks, activities, etc.
8.) How would you rate your facilitator?*
9.) How would you rate the music of the event?*
10.) Did you donate to the Red Tent Event?*
11.) Do you think this event should have an entry fee?*

12.) Does this event make you consider joining Temple Emanuel?*

13.) How would you rate the Jewishness of this event?*
Judaism comes in all ways: prayers, Torah learning, food, culture, music, art, language, and more.
14.) Beginning Feeling*
How did you feel when beginning Red Tent?
15.) Ending Feeling*
How did you feel at the end of Red Tent?
16.) Would you come back to Red Tent again?*