Temple Emanuel – Grand Rapids

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Edith Landman

Machelle Hammond
Immediate Past President

Larry Cieply
Vice President

Amy Ostrow
Vice President

Karen Padnos
Vice President

Rick Stevens President Elect

Temple Emanuel has many opportunities to get involved in leadership. There are numerous committees with which to become involved. Our new governance structure, approved in 2013 at our annual meeting, calls for a Board of Trustees and an Operating Board (formerly the executive board) comprised of:

  • President
  • Three Vice-Presidents
  • Immediate Past President

For the second year of the two year term, a president elect will be selected by the congregation at the annual meeting. This individual may or may not be one of the vice-presidents.

The operating board is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Temple. This frees up the Board of Trustees to tackle matters of greater importance and look at the congregation from a “10,000 foot view.” They also have more time to discuss philosophical matters as they map the future of the congregation.

The Temple treasurer and secretary positions are appointed by the president. They are not members of the operating board, unless they also happen to be a vice-president.

Board of Trustees:

  • Larry Cieply
  • Davida Dennen
  • Claire Fisher
  • Ellen Fishman
  • Rick Stevens
  • Stephen Keys
  • Janice Schwartz Fonger
  • Machelle Hammond
  • Stephanie Hurwitz
  • Edith Landman
  • Jordan Newman
  • Amy Ostrow
  • Karen Padnos
  • John Robinson
  • Rebecca Wolfe