Temple Emanuel – Grand Rapids

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Temple Emanuel is a Reform Jewish community that embraces our differences to create a meaningful and spiritual experience to enhance Jewish life. Together, we learn, worship, serve and continually define what it means to be Jewish today – both within our community and far beyond our walls.

We welcome those who have a physical disability (and we have wheelchair accessible ramps for all of our spaces, including to go onto the bima). 

We welcome those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trangender, and queer. 

We welcome those who have a developmental disability, such as those who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

We are an antiracism congregation and welcome those who identify as Asian, Black, Indigenous, and people of color. 

Politically, we are proudly a “purple” congregation, and we honor people along the entire political spectrum. 

We welcome those who are partnered or married to Jews. We welcome those of other faith traditions who are simply visitors. We also welcome those who are curious to learn more about Judaism and may consider conversion at some point. 

We realize that we (and all religious organizations) have much to do in the arena of fighting prejudice, discrimination, and ignorance. We are aware that offenses happen within our walls. However, we at Temple Emanuel are committed to educating ourselves, growing, learning, and fighting all forms of prejudice. We welcome your feedback in this area and encourage you to contact cantor@grtemple.org if you have any questions or concerns about Temple Emanuel.