Temple Emanuel – Grand Rapids

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We seek to engage our members and offer meaningful ways to participate in the community. Our committee structure tends to be casual, with interested people working together to complete individual or ongoing projects.

If you have a talent to share or a desire to serve – please contact the Temple office or reach out to a Temple member to find out how to connect with one of our committees or teams.

Joining a Temple committee is a great way to get involved with Temple life.

Committees at Temple Emanuel are comprised of volunteers.  Currently operating are the following:

Arts & Ceremonial Committee determines interior design of the building and oversees the artworks

Building and Grounds Committee determines the needs as they arise and works with contractors

Cemetery Committee keeps the Oak Hill Cemetery maintained as well as makes all decisions concerning the cemetery

Finance Committee reviews the income and expenses of Temple and provides an annual projected budget

Food Bank Committee handles distribution of food to those who qualify for help with food needs

Library Committee determines how the library is maintained and what books should be purchased

New Membership Committee reaches out to new members of Temple to welcome them to the Temple community

Nominating Committee reviews applicants for open job and volunteer positions

Social Action Committee gets involved with other organizations to keep current and active with social issues and includes calling members occasionally just to keep in touch

Special Events are given to volunteers on an ad hoc basis

Website Committee makes recommendations for website construction, content and keeping current

If you are interested in joining any of these committees, please contact Cathy Winick in the office at 616.459.5976 or Info@grtemple.org