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    Shabbat Services

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Temple Testimonials

  • Review for Sisters of Faith event:

    What a beautiful, meaningful event you arranged and organized for us at Temple Emanuel. I will never drive past it again without the strong memories of being there and of being welcomed into that beautiful place with it rich history, art, and spiritual objects. It was such a lovely experience to be included in a Hanukkah celebration with the rabbi, the cantor, and you and the special food and also the gifts to take home and share!  Unforgettable! One of my favorite parts was hearing the cantor sing. What a richly expressive voice he has. I’m thankful I can continue to carry those songs in my head and several on my phone for my personal enjoyment and inspiration. (I love the ones with English words interspersed. )

    Thank you, thank you for planning and inviting us to such a special time together!!!

  • Review for Sisters of Faith Event

    Thank you Bev & all those who made yesterday’s visit to Temple Emanuel and Hanukkah celebration possible. Gathering with people of faith in the Temple’s sacred space and learning about Jewish worship was an extraordinary experience for me.

    The Hanukkah celebration was delightful 🕎 

    As I left the Temple, I noticed free CD’s. I began listening to the music on my way home. I was especially moved by the song, “L’dor Vador ”.

    From generation to generation we will declare your greatness,
    And for ever and ever we will make sacred your holiness.
    Your praise, our God, shall never depart from our lips,
    For you, God and sovereign, are great and holy.
    Praised are you, Adonai, the holy God.

    Today is my son Joseph’s 40th Birthday.

    I sent this song to him as a Birthday Blessing.

    Blessings to all,

  • Review for Sisters of Faith

    Another round of thanks to tell you that I am still smiling about the lovely visit we had at Temple Emanuel. The beautiful sanctuary, the lovely gathering around the table to celebrate Hanukkah, and the music . . . oh my, the music.  Thanks for all the work you put into making this such a great occasion.

  • Review for Sisters of Faith Event

    Thank you, dear Bev, for this unforgettable and loving and thoughtful  and hospitable experience at Temple Emanuel. With deep gratitude, 

  • Review of Sisters of Faith event

    Dear Bev,

    I have to tell you again how meaningful, beautiful and special yesterday’s visit to Temple Emanuel was. You were so gracious and generous in all your planning and work to make our experience so enriching and unforgettable. For me it was truly a unifying interfaith experience!

    Thank you, Bev, for all the support you give our group. .

    Blessings and love,

  • Review for Sisters of Faith Event

    Hi Bev, here is the card I was going to send you but I don’t have an address so I am sending it to your email. What a lovely morning and early afternoon. You and Rabbi Shadick and Cantor Fair and Peggy outdid yourselves. Thank you for sharing the faith that is so fundamental to who you are.

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